Market Assessment: YABI specializes in micro-level assessment of real estate markets across cities and towns in all    parts of India. Our extensive database of research developed over the course of multiple client engagements and thorough ongoing internal maintenance enables us to provide our clients with efficient and customized market intelligence.

Project Conceptualization:  helps clients conceptualize large-format real estate projects across a wide spectrum of products ranging from industrial-urban townships. Our strong understanding of what makes projects of these varied characteristics work—enables us to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

 Financial Analysis & Structuring: Large township projects have complex economics across the development and operational phases. YABI  has worked with a large number of clients in understanding and modeling these complexities in order to analyze the true financial picture of these projects.

 Location and Site Selection: Land identification for large townships continues to be one of the most significant challenges facing real estate developers.YABI  works with clients to understand and forecast underlying factors—such as urban and economic growth trends, and infrastructure projects, in order to identify locations and sites that offer maximum long-term value.

Privatization Advisory–Corporate Clients: YABI works with corporate clients on the 'buy' side of privatiztransactions. We have a strong understanding of government decision processes in privatization transactions, including township development projects. We believe this understanding provides us with advantages in advising our clients on their bids for real estate projects.

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